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This list links to another member details list (which could start off empty).  See instructions for this or links to other profile pages.

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Display Name Registered days ago First Role Roles Speciality Moods
bohdanar89 8 days ago Subscriber Subscriber
MelisChaigma 10 days ago Subscriber Subscriber International
Branyunrealk 14 days ago Subscriber Subscriber, Spectator Divorce or Family
ashish 17 days ago Subscriber Subscriber, Spectator
testeteste 1 month ago Subscriber Subscriber Property
bobdobbs2015 1 month ago Subscriber Subscriber, Spectator Criminal,Property,Divorce or Family Happy, Focused
pansample 3 months ago Subscriber Subscriber Criminal
esteban 4 months ago Subscriber Subscriber Property
Displaying 1–8 of 370 1 2 3 46 47

Note also wrt roles that if your site has ‘other roles’ and users can have more than one role, then there is the possibility that there may be more users with a role than there are shown with that role in the ‘first role’. (see the ‘BadCops’ for example.) To show ‘roles’ of ‘forum role’ and not just ‘first role’, the amr-users-plus plugin (version 2.12 or greater) is needed.