Profile Grid User List

This list demonstrates the amr-users-plus-profilegrid addon. It also has custom css just for this userlist to demonstrate how the filtering input fields can be condensed with latest versions of amr-users-plus and amr-users.

Languages Spoken
Age Group
Pm Group
Pm Last Login
Display Name Pm User Avatar Pm Group Languages Age Group Privacy Last Active Last Login
Victoria Lerner PG1 French Adults, Adolescents Everyone
Theo One PG1 English, Spanish Adolescents Everyone 6 months ago
mikegold91 3 months ago
Klix Linx PG1 French, German Adults, Seniors Everyone 11 months ago
Jón Ásgeir PG1 German, Spanish Children Everyone
Expert Expert PG1 German, Spanish Children, Adolescents Everyone
Elin Must PG1 English, Spanish Adults Everyone 11 months ago
anmari PG1 English, German Adults, Seniors Friends 3 years ago