Profile Grid User List

This list demonstrates the amr-users-plus-profilegrid addon. It also has custom css just for this userlist to demonstrate how the filtering input fields can be condensed with latest versions of amr-users-plus and amr-users.

Languages Spoken
Age Group
Pm Group
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Display Name Pm User Avatar Pm Group Languages Age Group Privacy Last Active Last Login
Klix Linx PG1 French, German Adults, Seniors Everyone 1 year ago
Jón Ásgeir PG1 German, Spanish Children Everyone
Expert Expert PG1 German, Spanish Children, Adolescents Everyone
Elin Must PG1 English, Spanish Adults Everyone 1 year ago
anmari PG1 English, German Adults, Seniors Friends 3 years ago
Displaying 11–17 of 17  1 2