The amr-user plugin offers many filters and hook.  These allow one to add features that some may want and not others. So we keep the main plugin not toobig, but are still able to offer many, many different user directories.

What is shown here is just some of the ways that amr-users can be configured.

  • Group your users by any field
  • Rank and rerank your users by almost any field
  • Grab data from almost any other plugin (would’nt’ it be nice if they used wordpress the way it was intended!), such as cimy, subscribe2, s2 member , buddypress, ithinkx, yourmembers and more
  • Reformat any field
  • Put hyperlinks behind any field
  • Add social media profiles (Generally amr-users is about listing data you already have).  This is one of the few add-ons that will allow you to offer user profile inoput fields in the wordpress user profile using wordpress contact methods.  Or simply access the social profiles and links you already have in your database.  This addon is extremely flexible with some built-in default offerings.
  • Start your list empty.  Only show data once some filtering criteria entered – or perhaps when linked to from another list.
  • Add multisite addon to list users across the sites