Checkboxes and more…

Filters with dropdown, checkboxes and radio buttons now available with amr-users-plus.

First Role
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Last name First name Display Name  User name First Role Moods Speciality
Lerner, Victoria Victoria Lerner Subscriber Happy, Focused International
Hulk, Big TheHulk Tester Sad, Focused International
McMullen, Dennis imagebymac Subscriber Sad, Focused
Expert, Expert Expert Expert Subscriber Happy, Focused Property
神武天皇, Emperor Jimmu EmperorJimmu Tester Focused International
Itor, Ed Ed Itor Editor Focused Divorce or Family
Διονύσιος, Dionysius Dionysius Tester Focused
HomeOwners, Dawn Dawn HomeOwners Tester Focused
Displaying 1–8 of 12 1 2

Own html example for filtering as at 20141122. Add your own html with input fields before the shortcode. The difference is that with static html, the choices are not remembered.

Role by checkbox Speciality by radio button Moods(by link)




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