Roles have been specially handled due to the way wordpress stores them (as array of booleans with the ‘1’ as the value and the capability names as the keys). The plugin:

  • provides a ‘roles’ field which displays the translateable role names
  • expands out the capabilities field into the individual ‘roles’ fields. These are boolean and can be displayed in a variety of translateable boolean formats using the amr-users-plus addon. And of course one can use css to change the content.
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User name  Roles Joker Tester Bad Cop Good Cop Subscriber
BadCop, Spectator, Tester T
Subscriber, BadCop, Joker, Spectator, Author true T 1
Subscriber, Spectator, Joker, Contributor, GoodCop true Yes 1
Subscriber, Moderator 1
Subscriber, Spectator 1
Subscriber, Spectator, Joker true 1
Displaying 31–36 of 36  1 2 3 4